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Specifications of capacity 14tons:

1. Dimension of chamber: length= 13.1m, inside width= 2.85m, inside height= 2m.
2. The walls of the device made of carbon steel ( 6 mm thickness) and to be strengthen to withstand discharge procedure (-0.5 bar)
3. Two Vacuum pump fix outside of fumigation to make vacuum inside fumigation type “BUSCH” technical data.
• Nominal displacement: 300 m3/hr
• Ultimate pressure: 0.5 bar.
• Nominal motor rating: 5.5 Kw, 50Hz.
• Sound Level: 74 dB (A)
• Oil filling: 6.5 L
• Weight: 195 Kg
4. Methyl bromide equipments use to distribute gas inside device.
5. All valves open and close automatically.
6. Holes for entry and exit of air are opening and closing automatically.
7. Loading and of loading by conveyer rollers:
Length = 13.1m, 2nos
Length = 13.7m, 2nos
Length = 14.2m, 2nos